Thursday, 3 November 2016

CoreXY Build - update 6

Working on the print bed frame.

A lot of farting around getting the bits of 2020 lined up with the Z Axis and associated bearings.

I need to get rid of the self centring Z nut I printed, its not something I'm happy with. It was worth a try and maybe another style would work better or might be better off printed in pla rather than petg, I just don't know. I might just go back to the metal one I have as it can't be any worse than this lol.

Resting the 220mm x 220mm ali plate on the frame to see what sort of area I have to print with.
Looks like minimum 240mm Z height and over 220 X wide but depth Y is harder to guage but will be 220 or maybe 215mm I wont know until the build progresses a little further.

edit:- I just checked the Y axis and it will make and or excceed 220 mm so "everything is coming up Milhouse" Woo Hoo.

I'll be sticking a thin sheet of PEI onto the aluminium plate and hoping the proximity switch will still work through it. I'm guessing it will as the sheet is only about 1mm thick. If it doesnt then I'm going to get a BL Touch or clone to use instead.

So glad I extended the Z bed bearing prints as it makes the cantilever a lot stronger.

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