Monday, 7 November 2016

CoreXY Build - update 8

Some small progress on the printer, I got one of the belts on the printer temporarily, to make sure things lined up and I'm happy to say the top belt does at least.

I also fitted the spool holder with some 8mm threaded rod and my over designed spool holder which screws together and spins on a couple of bearings.

Maybe red isnt the colour for this but it wasnt made for this printer and it will do until my ocd can't take it any more lol.

Made this spool holder in Fusion 360 for some fun and I got carried away and took it all too seriously. Also the reason I went into our local Hardware store Bunnings for some 8mm wing nuts.

Some Led self adhesive lighting strips now fitted. It costs way too much, but getting some cheap ones from China would have taken too long and I need lighting to see what I'm doing while building the printer and I will need it later so I bit the bullet while at Bunnings buying some wing nuts.

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