Wednesday, 30 November 2016

CoreXY Build - update 10

I posted some of this on 3d printing Australia's Face book page but will include it here for posterity :-)

Another "Give yourself an uppercut" day lol spent the morning wiring up the proximity switch. Attached it to the ramps and soldered in some pins for power that weren't on my models board but had the attachment points to do so.....................nothing! Checked everything a dozen times, still nothing.
A frustrating hour later I'm going into kitchen to make coffee and I walk past my power supply!!!! just sitting where I'd left it.... hahahahahhaha needs power you idiot!! attached power supply and hey presto little light on the proximity switch comes on when a metal object is brought near.
I really need to lower the dose hahahaa reads 3.47v if I'm doing the test right. Good enough lol

What threw me was having the board plugged into the computer and the screen lit up, made me completely forget I wasn't providing power to the board where it was needed. So engrossed in getting the wiring correct and as a novice electronic guy distracted my thinking completely. Trying not to kill myself with 240v and not producing the "Magic smoke" on the board. 

Today the stepper motors arrived and I have been fitting them along with a few other bits and pieces.

It really is a rats nest of wires ;-)

It's Thursday the 1st of December and I'll be slowly get the printer ready to run over the next few days. The littlest of things need doing, like lining up the drive gear on the extruder so it meshes with the filament. I also need to reduce the length of the bowden tube as it seems way too long.

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