Thursday, 24 November 2016

White as a filament!?

White filament has been a horrible colour for me to print regardless of the type of plastic.
It hasnt mattered if its abs, pla or petg the results I've been getting are "fugly" at best.

I've heard that the titanium oxide pigment is the problem as it requires more pressure and or heat to force it though the hot end, but it is more than this for me.

I temperature test all my filament even if I order two rolls of the same colour, I will still do the same set of tests.

I've been a convert to petg since I first heard about it in this video Published on 19 Sep 2015 so its been my go to filament for a lot of applications. This video, was the one I shared with a lot of popular and or famous YouTubers.

None of them credited back to me for sharing I might add, Bastards! lol

When I first started 3d printing it was with abs and with an open framed i3 clone, with which I had some good luck printing with, until I tried............white!

I've then tried pla white and it was a little better but still suffered from a form of banding that had me questioning everything, except the very thing I should have been looking at, the filament itself!

This is white pla in the picture below, (edit: Sorry, I think, it could be abs), and you can see where I've dirtied it up for photography, the terrible banding that I was blaming on lead screws and temperature fluctuations, I've redone the pid settings so many times to be sure. I printed this about a year ago.

This partly printed box modeled "procrasination pig" had some serious problems with temperature and cooling issues in petg.

Pitting and layer missalignment prevalent everywhere.

Sorry phone wouldn't focus but just more layer misalignment and pitting.

You can see more examples in this blog post I did a while ago 
The same exact file was printed with the same settings in both GITD Blue and white.

I guess the reason for this blog post, is as a warning on printing with white for those new to 3d printing.

I realise I could probably, and I stress probably, improve my white prints a little more, with a lot more testing, but if I used a blue or green from the same suppliers I get fantastic results (For my i3 of course, it has its limitations) and don't need to spend so much time on testing that I could spend on printing instead. I love Blueprinted and The3dprinters and 3dfillies blue petg.

These great results don't require me to do much more than one test to find its preferred temperature and that's real point of this post.

"How much effort should you need to put into a filament to get a decent print that you'd gladly be seen out in public with?"

So, as much as this pisses me off, I'm no longer going bother to use white anymore. I'm going to spend that time and effort in painting instead, to the white colour I want. NB there might be exceptions lol

I've already sprayed a piece of white petg with some automotive grey primer and will be doing a cross hatch tape test on it soon. My version is just with an exacto knife and whatever tape I have on hand :-)

For comparrison here is a temp tower in blue petg.

Like a boss!

So Smooth

Here is some pla I printed not long ago and it was ok and without much of the banding I was getting so my rant really should convey the difference between the abs petg and pla I've been getting.

Some pitting was showing up and something that could be tested for and probably removed but really don't like the idea of farting around trying to get something to work when another colour would "just work."

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