Friday, 5 June 2015

My 70's Ibanez LP Jr copy

Strings off and with Schaller bridge I occasionally swap to fix the intonation form the original fixed bridge (It's a right handed guitar that I string to left handed)

I bought this in either 79 or 80 from Better Music when they were in Civic

My understanding is that this is a lawsuit Ibanez but I'll admit ignorance about this but it sounds pretty much self explanatory.

Shielding a Guitar

My blue lefty Luke has some crackling when plugged in to an amp so I'm going to shield the cavities in the hope the crackle goes away. I'll admit my knowledge in this area is a little sketchy but this little venture should fix that PDQ. 

I started with some youtubing my new word :-) some time ago and brought some self adhesive copper tape. I know you can use aluminium tape that you can get from a hardware store but decided to spend the five bucks on the real thing.

An example of someone shielding a guitar from the search I did above.