Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Testing a new filament

Fendi Suyanto from contacted me and asked if I would try some of his new filament branded Mamorubot a while ago and I finally got around to trying it.

Normally like a stuck record I tell everyone to do 3 tests on any new filament.

A Temperature Tower Test
A PID Tune at the ideal temperature from the first test
And a extruder multiplier test
(I didnt :-)

The roll came in plain packaging (see the pics)

 Sorry about the blurriness

I didn't do any testing and just jumped on in ;-)
PLA is pretty forgiving and will handle a wide range of temps so I picked 205 at the hot end and my usual way too high 65 for the bed :-)

So nice on the roll

The test print was bastet and it ended up with some issues but they were me and my settings, because well.......NOT testing the filament before hand at all.

It printed really nicely despite my treating it so badly. With some tests to zero in on the ideal settings for your printer, this stuff will print like butter I've no doubt.

I'm the one in GOLD the orange one is abs!

Yeah my printer needs some settings adjusted but I really like this brand of filament

Its a nice colour gold pla+ at around $32.00 plus $9.95 shipping for this premium gold metallic. Other standard pla is about $25.90. The gradient pla looks pretty nice as well :-)

Xtron discount code

While the roll of filament was free to me, I wasn't paid or even asked to do this review. This was off my own bat and feel it's the least I can do in thanks. I really like this metallic gold and happily recommend it.

Now all I have to get him to do is send me a roll of all his other stuff in every colour hahhahaha just kidding. Thanks to Mark for setting this up, he gets little thanks for all he does for the 3d printing Australia Facebook page.

Try it, I don't think you will be disappointed