Monday, 6 August 2018

NASA Logo for 3d Printing

The picture below of the logo as stls joined in 3ds Max and coloured to show what it will look like after printing.

I traced the logo in Inkscape and took it into fusion and made 3 layers or colours for the stls.
The white base layer takes the shape of both the blue and red to both support and provide the white in the background.

The red swoosh may be a tight fit but the Blue will print as a whole and will remove in sections so print everything and lay it out prior to assembly and gluing.

This is pretty big and will need to be scaled down to fit a lot of 3d printers. I tried it at 30% in X and Y but kept the Z height at 100 as it is also very thin. I will change it at some point. :-) I still haven't had a successful print from it and suggest you try and print it doing filament swaps for maximum chance at not throwing it across a room lol

So print the white then swap filament to blue and print that. The red can still be done separately and fitted in after. You will need some knowledge or do some research about doing a filament swap. My failures were due to my old printer playing up, so I need to finish building the other 2 I have 90% done or to buy a new one as I suffer from chronic laziness lol

This was just me Richarding around with tracing bitmaps etc so dont be surprised if things aren't as they should be.

Download the stls here:- 
A hole drilled in the centre could mean you could fit a clock mechanism.