Wednesday, 9 November 2016

CoreXY Build - update 9

I added the other belt after having to reprint the carriage because I broke it trying to cram some m3 nuts into their slots that were a little too small :-)

I added the proximity do-hicky as well and apart from the fan I now have everything attached to the carriage. I'll need to trim the belts but will wait until the end to do it.

I'm still waiting on stepper motors and the ramps board, pei sheet and will have to order the power supply next friday, so things are still a ways off being ready for printing.

As the Hypercube "BOM" on thingiverse said, order the short v6, it turned out to be the wrong one and it has since changed to the correct, long one, so I'm also waiting on the new one to arrive.

I printed the Ramps holder and it seemed to print with some issues on the bottom of the tabs where they didnt print properly. I've been noticing a lot of small issues like this with the latest update to S3D recently!? ok edit: it seems I should have looked at the file in S3D a bit closer it was designed that way so I take it back :-)

I'm posting a lot of these pictures so if you are also making this and find your way here then you'll have a series of reference photos you can use if you, like me, get stuck sometimes wondering which is the best orientation for a part. I'm not saying this is the best way to do it, just consider it a starting point.

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