Friday, 30 January 2015

Spraying the topcoat

I used the still morning to spray one side of the Livingstone el cheapo guitar this morning. Boy the things you forget after 10 years of not doing a lot of this stuff.
Note to self Acrylic Lacquer really needs some excellent prep work or every single previous scratch or sanding mark stands out like the proverbial "dogs balls" ..........well at least to me because I know where to look.

I'll let it cure for a while or until I can't stand it any more and have to paint again lol hopefully a week
I'm thinking about how to finish it off, should I hit it with some 1200 wet and dry then clear coat it, or hit with some wet and dry then another coat and then try to buff it (I don't have any buffing gear at all, More bloody money, sigh!)

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