Friday, 9 January 2015

Drill press modifications

I'm looking into modifying my drill press so its depth is a bit larger.
The distance from the chuck and drill bit to the post that holds the motor etc up above the base.
As it is the distance from the post to a drill bit is about 105mm and I'd like it to be at around 160mm
so eventually I might be able to afford a
to be able to thickness sides etc.

I've been playing around in my 3d package looking at possible solutions.
The first relies on threading the end of the cut sections to be connected to some 90° threaded corner pieces, that is, if these are available and the pipe can be easily threaded.

The method that will probably be the easiest, will be to cut all the pieces at 45° and weld them together.

The thought that doing this may destabilise the drill press hasn't escaped my attention so fixing the drill press to a solid base will be necessary.

I'll need to be able to get the adjustable table that rides on the post on and off  as well so this goes into the decision making pot as well. It does however throw out the fist design in the picture if I can't get the threaded pipe solution up and running.
I'll have to move to just welding the thing, as it won't be possible to get the table around all those angles I'd imagine.

So back into 3d and some real world measurements and the minimum needed to move the pipe is 45.5mm so there'll be no need to be that pedantic and visually it looks like I could take it out a little further.

The final design of the extenda drill

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