Saturday, 24 January 2015

Holes Drilled - Undercoat

I got a little excited and didn't capture any stills of the holes being drilled. As a consequence of the hurried state this didn't make for the best job I could have done. In hindsight I would have made a wooden triangle to match the angle I needed to drill a hole from under the bridge to the volume pot hole (this is an earth lead that is required) It was ok, but by my anal standards it left a lot to be desired, even if no one will know unless I point it out to them.

I'll be spraying the top in about 1/2 an hour but will take it outside for the undercoat as it's pretty thick and will be sanded with some wet and dry.
nb I'm using Acrylic Lacquer for the undercoat and probably for the top coat as well. Mainly due to price. I can also get AL in spray cans as I don't want to have to buy all the accessories thinners etc for anything else. I do have a spray gun and compressor but nowhere to spray here.

This was always a test job to find out if I could make things here and what I needed to do to achieve it in my flat. The one thing I need more than anything else is patience, patience to take my time and build the little jigs that will make many of the tasks so much easier.


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