Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Sliding Bevel...............and my 50mm Forstner bit arrived

I spent this morning making a new slide for the bevel slide. I'd realised that I made the other one a little short. I've still got some sanding to do but it works a treat.
The angled cut on the end is 45 degrees so I can use it to set some angles but I'll probably just end up using my protractor for most angles.

The new 50 mm Forstner bit beside the guitar body. You can see where the old volume pot was and where I've scribed for the new hole.

It's a saw toothed bit and I only need to go in a couple of mm and then I change to the 40 mm Forstner bit to go in another 29? mm or so. After that, all I need is a small 9 mm bit for the volume pot to stick through.

I will need to drill a hole from the top on a steep angle to join the bridge and hole for the earth lead, and drill a hole into the side that ends up inside the hole for the guitar lead to plug into.

For the hole from bridge to volume hole I've got a couple of extra long drill bis one at 6 mm x 300 mm (about a foot) the other at about 4.5 mm (I'd need to check that though)

I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing this as I've got a busy week coming up.

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