Thursday, 8 January 2015

I'm still waiting on the 50mm forstner bit

I'm still waiting on the 50 mm forstner bit to show up but in the mean time I had some cheap nut files show up today.
In keeping with the fact that I'm very poor :-) and echoing the el cheapo mantra I jumped at the bargain.
The fact you'd pay this price plus postage for one file anywhere else, it's a pretty good price for the quality.
You can find them on ebay at differing prices, so shop around sub $24.00 - $35.00 au

It came with a string height gauge that might have either been cut crooked or printed that way :-)
it won't be a problem though as actual numbered measurements aren't as vital as consistency and I'll check them with my vernier calipers anyway.

The 3 files have a different size on each side accounting for all 6 strings of a guitar.

A nut height ruler and string spacing guide is also included along with another plastic gauge for string height and a string winder.

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