Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Disc sander / Lathe

I've been looking at videos on YouTube on making a disc sander and stumbled onto the video below. 
Now I'm making this drill powered Disc sander / Lathe 
Most of the videos on disc sanders are of the 12 inch / 304.8mm diameter variety. I'm going to stick with a 7 inch / 180mm simply because I can get the velcro backing and the sand paper.

Inspired by this YouTube video 

I've made the height above the bed 100 mm / 3.937 inch and am adding the sanding disc and sanding desk/rest.

Here's the jig I used to cut out the test piece for the disc sander. It's just a small piece of timber with a ledge screwed to it so I could clamp it to the bed of the band-saw. In the bed 90 mm away from the blade is a small 6 mm dowel and positioned so when the stock is turned the leading edge the cutting edge was on the same line as the pivot.

The drill I'm going to use

Bottom view

The design isn't finalised,  but it's very close and changes will depend on availability and appropriate choices of some of the solutions to some of the issues I'm going to face. 

With the sander attachment moved aside

Top view

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