Tuesday, 12 June 2018

2. A new Turntable for working on printers

So here is the new Turntable. This one will be for sitting printers on, either for working on, fixing or building etc or if they are in an enclosure and I need to reach the sides or back of them.

There are 30 8mm ball bearings in this, but 100 would have looked a little fuller :-)

Here is  a random link to some from ebay:-


There will be some video of the TT carrying 5 - 10kg of weight to show it can handle the weight below.

Here are the stl files and the fusion360 file for you to play with:-

Please note this is a prototype and still unfinished but for what it is, it seems to work quite well atm.

At some point I might make one that can be printed in one piece to sit on a 400mm x 400mm build plate so you can print it in one piece at a time. Since I include the fusion360 files it is also something you can do for your self so it probably wont be for some time that I get around to it.

I used nails and then cut them short as joiners but it is set up to use 1.75 mm filament if need be.

 Glue on a flat surface for best result held by clamps or weights

Some self adhesive strips of neoprene for grip on the base seems vital for keeping things where you want.

Here is my PRUSA clone is sitting on the Turntable. Unfortunately it spins and slides on the surface because PLA is slippery

So, some of that rubber shelf liner is needed to prevent the slipping.

I used the old, (now discarded) bottom print as a cutting template and cut out a circle.

Then sprayed it with some spray adhesive and suck it down

Here it is working like a charm, even if the printer is sitting on it a little precariously.

A little re-balancing got it to sit quietly and spin really well. You could just as easily add a sheet of say 5mm MDF or something to the top so the printer sat a little more balance on it.

Here it is with about 90 bearings in it.

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