Tuesday, 19 June 2018

5. More Turntable updates

I've now made versions of these to allow for shrinkage of the pla

I added roughly 0.675 Degrees to the 90 degrees to allow for the shrinkage of the pla.
So the angle is 90.675 on one lot and the other is 90.0 degrees exactly for filament that does not seem to shrink.

I'm in Australia and used some https://cocoonproducts.com.au/product-category/3dfilament/ pla for my first tests and THIS (Grey) SHRANK.

For my second iteration I used some https://3dfillies.com/ PLA+ and this stuff didnt. I also admit to being a real fan boy of this stuff and think it's fantastic. This (Silver) DID NOT SHRINK

So I hope one of these files helps you.

The best thing to do is print 1 corner and then put a "Set Square" on it and see if it is 90 degrees. If less than 90 degrees then print the file without a suffix of _90
Which one to print first is going to be up to you, I only just now discovered this little gem and am now having to reprint in 3dfillies PLA+.

I have included the fusion360 files so you can adjust to suit your own situation....................so you're on your own from here. ;-D


This text above now comes in the zip file as a txt file for your information but I felt I needed to add some more information to this as just having both these files, the 90 degree one and the 90.675 degree one, doesn't necessarily guarantee you'll end up with 4 quarters that line up exactly.

As it's winter here and keeping my place warm while I print can be a little problematic at times.

It seems all my filament is subject to shrinkage at different rates depending on the room temperature at the time.

I'm still experimenting but just be aware you really do need to print one and check for square before committing one way or another.

The following picture is the print where I discovered that one filament was not shrinking and the 90.675 was now overcompensating for the shrinkage..............................so I sanded it for ages with some course sandpaper stuck to a sheet of glass I recycled from an old set of bathroom scales.

I don't have the time to help you customize things but I include all the stl and fusion360 files for you for free with no conditions, so knock yourself out have a go at it and good luck.

So much sanding :-(

Before clean up.
Some light sanding and glue "squeeze out" being cleaned up. As an experiment I used a new to me, glue that foams and expands to fill gaps for this, so a lot of clean up, but worth it I think.

Some more of the glue squeeze out underneath and testing on the old music stand to make sure all that sanding didn't compromise things at all. All good, it spins nicely.

A light coat of some "Acrylic lacquer grey primer" so I got it looking a little nicer. It will be covered in paint soon enough so wasn't strictly necessary :-)
Then some strategic lighting.......and presto, advertising like quality (Hiding most of the imperfections)  lol

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