Thursday, 28 June 2018

4. Turntable Stand - Tripod - Completed

Finally its done and I'm very happy with it ;-D

Some thoughts on making it:-
1. Print time for the stand tripod about 9 hour + depending on your settings.
2. The leg holder is about 1.5 hours, depending on your settings.
3. Sanding the nuts on the front and back helps getting them to fit (for me) sanding two edges also helped.
4. The other pieces, like both Turntables, are documented in previous blog posts.

Stl files for this build :-

Link to the blog post about the Turntable builds 1 of 7
Files for the Turntable themselves:-

Disassembled for storage.


;-D Pretty pleased with myself (Pictures of me laying in bed with my arm around it smoking a cigarette are nothing but vicious rumors)

With the legs withdrawn in halfway so as to make the area needed by the base less

Next to the inspiration for this build

The start of some inception

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