Friday, 14 October 2016

OMG The humanity!

I've been breaking ribs all day, this is ridiculous. The filament seems really fragile compared to the last batch I used.

It hard to say if this is a temperature thing and layer bonding is an issue or if its just a brittle batch. Still nothing much to do about it other than try and be more careful I guess. I can always comb over the growing bald patches in my hair lol

The print looks nice so it's not all bad despite the stringiness that was cleaned up with the heat gun. Managed to nearly melt the thing staying too long in one place though :-D.

I'll be using heated metal push bike tyre changers I have to help blend the joins, along with the soldering iron. They have a spoon shape to them which lends them to blending and smoothing the joins.

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