Sunday, 30 October 2016

CoreXY Build - update 4

Got some more bits printed and added them to the frame for position testing.

The bottom rails will now drop down to the level of the Z stepper motor. I havent measured the final Z height that I'll be able to print, but some where between 200 amd 250 mm I think and hope.

The coupler is just a place holder for the time being and I have no idea which way the lead screw will go and if I have it upside down or not. I'll simply pick the way that gives me the most room.

I ordered 400mm acme? rod and if I have to I'll simply cut the excess off later on when the height has been established.

I think I'll be encolsing the printer with perspex eventually but because of its cost its a long way off.

I need to order some more 2020 for the print bed frame (Supplier is out of stock of course) and still havent decided on what is going to drive all this. Will it be the ramps setup as Tech2c did or something a little more exotic. My finances are screaming at me so no points for guessing the out come of this lol

edit:- On a whim I decided to back a new board that met my price range not expecting it to meet its goals...................and boy could I have been less wrong and the one I ordered will arrive sometime in January.
I'll be fitting the ramps until this arrives I guess!?

I might need to buy a new power supply as well as the one I have lying around here might not be up to snuff. It had trouble reaching 12 v output last time I tried it and don't want to risk it.
edit: Apparently I threw it out, so the point is mute :-) edit:- Ordered the one posted by Tech2c BOM on Thingiverse

A few things are on order and still on their way, like the heat bed, stepper motors (The ones on here are place holders).

Next pay I need to order two more stepper motors and likely a power supply.
I still need to sort out the bowden drive as well and havent really ordered any bits for it yet. edit turns out I did actually order some bits and pieces for it.

Well I still havent finished printing for it so back to it I guess.

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