Wednesday, 26 October 2016

CoreXY Build - update 2

Set up a stop block to cut the 2020 to length 320mm

Sitting on the bed in my flat watching TV and assembling the core xy and watching a print via octoprint. Multitasking!

I'm using toothed wheel instead of the bearings Tech2c uses so I've had to modify bits and pieces in cad/3ds Max to accommodate the different sizes.

Cutting the 400mm smooth rod down to the 320mm was awkward but used both a dremel and angle grinder to finesse the final size. I'd ordered extra smooth rods at different times and it seems one lot is a lot softer metal than the other...............go figure.

Satisfying! :-)

Stoopid camera wouldnt focus. Putting end caps I designed and printed onto the 2020 ends

Managed to be one short so I had to reprint the lost one.

I'm hoping my printer will end up with the same bed dimesions as my i3 I have now. The final print bed size should be 220 x 220 x 300? plus.

As a consequence the aluminium the frame size is 380 x 320 x 300 approx but can be closer to 500 if need be.
Some of the other modifications will be 8mm X axis instead of the 10mm with bushings as I couldn't source the anodised ali for that, so I'm printing after some modifications the 8mm version available on Thingiverse.

Tech2cs build on Thingiverse The fan duct (using the if one is good three must be better philosophy) edit:- I put the origonal one back on until my new hot end shows up.

All the remixes on Thingiverse

The XY_Joiner for 8mm rods on X-Gantry I've modified mine to use the toothed idler bearings I'm using. You can see them in some of the photos above, but here's some close ups.

They measure:- inside diameter 12mm outside 18mm are 10mm thick and have a 3mm centre hole.

edit:- I had to change the x axis plastic bits to accomodate the new idler bearings

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