Friday, 14 October 2016

Gratuitous shower scene

Ok I've glued on all the broken pieces that I didn't lose lol and I had a small can of automotive clear acrylic lacquer and blasted what was left in the can on the skeleton print. I did this in the sad hope it will help strengthen the printed filament or be like an old rusted car where the only thing holding it all together is the paint.

I'm pretty confident that this one will be strong enough (famous last words) that it will not cause the neck to warp. The neck I'll be using is the one from the previous print so it will probably bend but I'm hoping only enough to allow some relief on the fretboard (Who's he think he's kidding ) :-) If it bends too much then back into 3ds Max to make it thicker and make pockets for 3x6mm carbon fibre tubes rather than the setup I have now which is 1x6 mm and 2x4 mm square tubes.

Hanging in the shower to dry and de fume. I've yet to blend the glued joints with some heat so it will look a little better after this but I will leave it to last after I've fitted the neck and bridge and pickup.

.......and just in case you dropped in here wondering what the @#$% I am doing, then this is the goal. 

This one was really weak in the body where the neck was bolted on and caused the neck to bend under the pressure of the strings.

The fretboard was a cheap Chinese one I got all ready to go all fretted up etc. If I'm forced to reprint the neck then I might make my own fretboard if I have enough ukulele fret wire here. The skinny arse wire they've used can only just handle one fret level and crown and I doubt it will put up with a second go around with a diamond plate and file.

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