Sunday, 11 September 2016

Well that was unexpected !!??

Getting it up to pitch produces the expected relief in the neck.......but it is bending like crazy at the neck/body interface. It seems the hollow body nature of the thing and lack of solid support is causing the join to bend dramatically. 

It's this area that is proving to be the problem area

You can see it pretty well in the picture below.
The neck itself which was my main and only real concern, is standing up to the tension and there is little visible bending in the neck itself.

This could just be that it is bending at the join and the pressure on the neck isn't as much as it would be if it wasn't bending at the body.

So I can't say I'm not disappointed even though I was expecting something to go wrong. What to do now is the question and I'll have to think about that, so I'll let you know when I decide.

.............but how does it sound I hear you scream lol

It sounds quiet, very quiet, I'll record something for you tomorrow . It will need a pickup for sure ;-D

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