Saturday, 10 September 2016

The bridge is glued!

Squeee!! I'm nearly there.

I just glued the bridge onto the skeleton ukulele.

I used the 433.05 ish measurement according to

Bridge placement for 431.000mm scale length

Ukulele (Non-compensated bridge)
Measurement is from the nut to the "break-point" of the string at the peak of the saddle.
  • 433.543mm (± 0.5mm)

I drew around the bridge with a pencil so I could put glue down on the body as well as the bridge itself.

In order to get the pencil lines off afterward I tried some prewash stain remover and a artists brush to clean it off and it worked like a charm. In the past removing graphite from plastic has been problematic for me.

Tomorrow Monday the 12th September I'll string it up and set the action!

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