Monday, 19 September 2016

Temperature testing filament

The tute is based on this youtube video

Make a cube 20 x 20 x 100mm high

Get it into Simplify3d and make it have only one outline and no top or bottom and 0.2mm layer height. Use a brim to get the print going.

Click for bigger version

No infill, no support.

Click for bigger version

Now hit prepare to print so we can find out how many layers it uses.

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The red box surrounds the amount of layers which is 501 but round it to 500.
Now we divide by 10 to get our temperature divisions so every 50 layers we are going to change the temperature of the hot end by 5 degrees.

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Now set your temps like the image or use the FFF file I've included for download.

Here is a file I've sliced for abs/petg for you to use it suits a 200 x 200 x 100 plus size area.

Click for bigger version

Now all you have to do is print and it will change temperatures by 5 degrees every 10 mm from 260 down to 215. Here is the FFF one I usually use for PLA testing. So use the abs one for petg as well you probably don't want to use the pla for it as it might get too cold and start blocking etc.

Try and find the best looking section. Try to pull the layers apart to see if they are sticking.

Here are two other style of thing to print but really best for visual impressions.
1 ABS and 2 PLA


I forgot to mention the outline speed adjustment as I'm printing a petg test right now and forgot I have my outline speed at the default of 50% so its running at 25mm/s instead of 50 or 60.

You may want to change this if you don't want a 2 hour print............but on the other hand I'm going to leave it for a speed test.

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