Saturday, 24 September 2016

New 3d printer build Random Ramblings


I've been following Tech2c's Corexy 3d printer build and have been wanting another printer so I'm going to "Very Slowly" build his design with a few minor tweaks along the way.

The size will be at minimum 220 x 220 x 230+ mm

It uses 2020 Aluminium for the frame and I made some end caps for them in Fusion 360 it fits really well with a tap from a hammer. :-)

You can download it here
2020 End Cap stl

If you can't see the interactive Fusion360 model below, its probably because you're not using a WebGL-enabled browser. Try using one, it's worth it!

I pride myself with an attitude of "If someone else can do it, then so can I" but I am realistic enough to know my weak areas and electronics are a real Achilles heal for me, so in of all this it's this area that scares me :-) I'll get through it though.

I've added some gt 20 teeth idlers instead of twisting the belt to my order.

I'm thinking of using a Smoothieboard as well. This is expensive so Its not a certainty.

For bed leveling I was thinking of using the BLTouch 

(BLTouch on Indigogo) as my setup uses a boroscilicate glass sheet with pei on it and I have my doubts that a proximity sensor will work on it

......but I just stumbled onto this and its coming out a winner as it will fit to my V6 and the wiring seems simple enough.

I'm even thinking of adding it to my current printer as well.

I hope to have the bed mounted on a three point system instead of a 4 point system.
Check out this guys build 3dprintedlife

I'd love to add linear rails and ball screws but I don't think this one will get the benefit of them as its still a prototype kind of build. Both of these are very expensive for decent ones. The ball screw in this example is only 200mm long so you can imagine the cost of one at 350/400mm long

I'll be coming back here to add in any details I think of when time permits. Right now I have a print to remove from a bed and set up another.


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