Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Ukulele hanger for music stand (Working prototype)

I've been thinking about making a hanger for my ukulele for ages even though I have a couple of well made reasonably priced one here already.
When I found out that this well selling product was no longer being made and remaining stock was sky rocketing from $20.00 AUD to $40.00 AUD I dug out my initial design files and threw this together for 3d printing.

In the first photo I've wrapped and glued some flexible filament around the forks to give it some grip on the uke neck.
I was thinking in the future of trying some of that stuff you dip tool handles in to coat them in a plastic waxy substance often a red colour. https://www.plastidip.net.au/ maybe?

Here's the ORCAS hanger that's no longer being made. The clip can attach itself onto just about anything and swivels from landscape to portrait.

Here are some pic of my design along side the OCAS Ukulele holder

The forked part of the hanger is removable for transport

Here I'm clipping it onto my music stand which has a diameter of 16mm approx. It's designed to just twist on.

Despite all my attempts to get the fit right when you put the Tenor uke on the forks it can slide down so my simple cure for that is to wrap some black electrical tape around the post just under the clip and it stays in place :-)

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