Monday, 25 July 2016

Ok the uke hanger is done! Now for the field testing

Yep, I finally settled on the "final design". I added another place to hold the forks for getting them out of the way while it's still on the stand or in a position for travelling.

In it's position while on the stand

Position while travelling

The green thing on the stand is my replacement for the one that broke. Gotta love a 3d printer!

PLA was also used to replace the leg housing on this stand

Make sure any uke hanger isn't so high up the stand, that it raises the centre of gravity too high.
If you are outside and wind will be an issue and have a heavy song book on your stand and the uke up high as well then you asking for trouble and have only yourself to blame for not understanding basic physics.

Our group only sit at regular meetups so its never been an issue when using the ORCAS branded uke hanger, so I don't foresee any difference using this one.

The plastic is a PLA Poly Lactic Acid and should be fine and strong enough for day to day use of the hanger. Anything you do to break the hanger will be more than enough to render your ukulele nothing but splinters. Really, the plastic is very strong for this application.

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