Thursday, 21 July 2016

Uke Hanger Nearly there

Just finalising the design of the Uke hanger I might add some vents for wind resistance but its pretty much done :-)

I replaced the foam self adhesive tape and made it extend outside the hole so it wasn't pushed in on itself when fitting to the stand. Finding a print position was a trial and a standing position seems to be the go. It does leave rough bits where the the printing supports meet the print and are fairly fugly but that's what you get sometimes.

I'm now printing one in black abs for a friend to test drive. This one suits a 10mm stand shaft which will test my guess work (and math lol) on how much room to leave for the tape. Photos later.

There's a small hole in the fork so the more paranoid out there can insert something to prevent it sliding out. (I don't think it ever will but there's humans involved so....)

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