Saturday, 23 July 2016

Filament Guide

I've been redesigning my filament guide.

The first picture is of my old one. It clips on my filament stand and has a closed loop you thread the filament through.

This is a effing pain in the arse when I've got everything inside my abs printing box. I have to take the filament out of the print head to un-thread it from the holder.

Click to see full size\

My new design is hardly my own true discovery as I borrowed the helix idea from elsewhere.
The helix is 1.75 turns and to insert or remove the filament all you have to do is turn it sideways and it just comes off. This will save up to a least half an hour of farting about, and if I forget to thread it as I often do, putting it on will be easy.

This is not the only design I considered, a circular torus that doesn't make it all the way around was an obvious choice but didn't meet my "must be as unique as I can make it" philosophy.

Click to embiggen

Naturally it will need testing, but I'm not foreseeing much in the way of problems. The only thing may be, I need to make the turns a bit more so they don't end at half way but more like 3/4 for both ends.


Any concerns are now gone should work like a charm


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