Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ukulele Neck test print

I'm glad I did a test print before committing to printing the real one. The holes I made for the carbon rod didn't have enough extra room and the rods don't fit. The circular one probably wouldn't be a problem as I might have a long 6mm drill bit to widen the hole but the others are square so a re design is really the only way to go.

I tried the the fretboard on it and it will work nicely although I might add 101 or 102% to its overall size on the next test print. This might be enough to make the rods fit and the fretboard fit perfectly.

I just tried to see how the print would go laying flat face down on the print bed in Simplify3d and if this picture is any indication then an unplayable uncomfortable neck is what I'm probably going to get.

Click to enlarge

I have the layer height at 0.2 so I think the way I printed the first test print will be the way to go which is standing upright.

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