Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Skeleton Ukulele Neck update

So I decided to order some glow in the dark filament from Aurarum who had it in stock, rather than wait for Blueprinted to get some more in eventually.

It's bound to be a different colour (edit: it's really close in colour) but I'm now past that precious stage and thinking will this never end and not really caring anymore lol

The 8mm Carbon fibre rod I ordered from HobbyKing also showed up the other day and well I'm printing. Yay

Still no sign of any of the other stuff ordered from aliexpress but it's not really expected for some weeks.

I've slowed down the print speed from 60mm/s to 50mm/s but increased the thickness from 0.25 to 0.3

The neck is printed in 3 sections named body centre & head.

The new glow in the dark body section printed and the new 8mm and 4mm carbon fibre rod fitted

So far it seems to be pretty close in colour and it glows in the dark in a very similar colour as well. 

Carbon fibre doesn't like being cut and tears at the first opportunity. A brief duck duck go found these results. I decided as I have a Dremel (Knock off) I'll just use the diamond cutoff wheel I have for it.

For gluing the pieces together I'm not so concerned with the glue sticking to the carbon fibre as I am to making sure it sticks to the plastic. So I'm going with UHU's All Plastics I've used it in the past on both ABS and PLA and will be testing it on petg soon as well.

I'm printing the centre and the head today and testing the fit of the carbon rods

The evenly placed wave lines seem very prominent on this filament. Not really an issue as they're more cosmetic than anything else and I plan to smooth the back of the neck anyway. I must look into this at some point but won't be overly concerned as I'm going to slowly build my own Ultimaker 2 at some point in the future, but more like This and or This

The harsh side lighting and translucent filament is making the print look exceptionally uneven but I can assure you is actually a pretty good print.

I have to redesign it a bit though as it wasn't thick enough so its gone from 10mm thick to 12 mm

A couple of pics on just how good pei is. The head of the ukulele sitting on 12mm x 34mm
with no support.

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