Thursday, 11 August 2016

A short delay (well of course, whats new)

It seems the filament I need to finish the neck print is on back order so here is the hardware I intend to use for attaching the neck to the body. I'm also documenting the test print so you can still follow the process.

Rather than post a new update when the head is printed I'll add the pictures to this thread so come back here to see any updates.

A link to the brass hot set inserts is on the previous post.

Brass pan head m6 x 30mm screws for securing the neck

M6 x 12mm x 1mm Brass Washers for the screws for the neck

The centre section of the neck printed and the carbon rods that will align and stiffen the whole thing.
Time will tell but using 8mm carbon rod may prove better and less prone to bending, I am hoping the fretboard will also add some rigidity to the final thing as well.

I'm glad I'm doing the test print, I checked some of my measurements and realised why I wasn't liking the balance of the head design. I'd made the width of the head a little too narrow so I've now set it to what it should have been

Fretboard fits really nicely. There's room for improvement on the neck width but I'll leave it for sanding and finishing

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