Saturday, 4 June 2016

Titan E3D V6 Progress

Well it's nearly done!
I remade and re positioned the setup from my last post. The motor was on the other side and there were a few issues that were better served by mirroring the setup and having the motor on the right hand side.
Homing the x axis is now much better but Y still has a small error when the hotend is sent straight from X home and is too far a way from Y and doesn't land on the bed. It's not by much and I've compensated in Simplify3d but will need to see if I can set this another way.

Re ordering the operation of the axies homing order, will need to be looked into. X can't home before Z or it crashes into the frame. Still small annoyances i'll overcome eventually.

I'm reprinting the cooling duct so not so much of it is so close to the bed, this way it won't crash into the clips holding the glass down in Y.

Print beautifully, couldn't be happier with it all.

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