Friday, 10 June 2016

Printing the new Skeleton Ukulele and printer upgrades and one accident that could have been a lot worse

I finished my 14 hour print last night and started the next one this morning only to see the hot-end temperature plummeting. I managed to get to the printer to turn it off to find a burnt out connector. 

I went into the local Jaycar and found a pcb connector similar enough to replace the one that burnt out. The board in the picture is the spare good one I have on hand.The problem with it is I'd have to flash it with the firmware and I'm not certain what a lot of the settings are.

I managed to swap out the burnt one for the new one and crossed my fingers and it was all good. It was the heated bed that burnt out so my concerns that the new hot-end may have been the cause was unwarranted. I added some higher amperage wire just in case and all seems good for the moment. There will be no leaving it alone for a while just in case.

Here is a video of the first print of the new Skeleton Ukulele being printed with the new hot-end and extruder. I show the new aluminium plate I added to the printer as well.

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