Sunday, 5 June 2016

6th times a charm

The original design of the rear fan mount. I stole the circular base that would surround the hotend from thingiverse, but ended up not using it.

With the fan mounted it needed to be put in backward so I just cut out enough room for air flow into the fan. It ended up crashing into the printer frame so a re design was in order.

Here's the next design...........and number 4 printed

I finally grew a brain and spun the fan 90 degrees and it doesn't crash into the frame anymore.
Number 5

Number 5 ran out of filament and my attempt to pause and change filament didn't work like it did in the past.

Number 6 is printing right now. Sunday June 5 2016

Some more photos of number of 5 being printed
I'm throwing the blurry pictures in for free lol

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