Monday, 2 May 2016

3d Printed Uke Fails

Things started well enough, here's the brim going down. The printer is a Zonestar i3 but the model before this one.

The build plate is borosilicate glass with Aldis' version of build tack for their Cocoon printer a re branding of the Wanhao i3 printer.

To quote the movie Stripes ".......and then, depression set in" :-D
This is the orientation it was printed and the print was going down really nice, except the supports I was using were the default ones and part of the model went un-supported and it failed.

So I tried again with Simplify 3d and used the default supports along with some custom ones I added in myself inside the program.

Again, it failed, a part was knocked over by the print head, possibly because I've taken the box I use as a heat trap off the printer for maintenance and because the filament is pla.
I didn't think it would be necessary. I think the pla warped up a little although that's just a guess.

Here's the piece that got knocked over

So...... this time around I'm trying a lot more supports and I've changed the orientation of the part

This is the model in Simplify3d and it's plethora of support
.............I'm not expecting success though, so I'm preparing for the fourth iteration
by using Meshmixers' support structures and or modelling my own back in 3ds Max or Blender

I added a Z hop to the print to try and avoid the head crash happening again. It's only about 0.5mm
but should do the job.

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