Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Skeleton Uke Progress

Well it seems the z hop I put into Simplify3d worked. Only 3 other prints to go
The piece I mentioned yesterday, that I thought was fixed to the model but suspected, now wasn't fixed to the rest of the model, wasn't fixed to the model.

Its the rib piece on the left in the photo which will be easy to glue back onto it when all the pieces come together.

Another angle of the print.
The round thing is a new filament spool holder for Blueprinted spools. well that's an assumption that all their spools have the same inside diameter.

It was based on Panoreth 3D Printing video he uploaded recently (at his age I was a clueless of just about everything) Suggested by Makers Muse.

I thought that looks like a good idea so I made my own based on looking at it in the video I didn't bother to download it from Thingiverse.

The centre hole diameter is 18mm and if you'd want a version that suits your spool holder let me know all the relevant dimensions and I'll run you off an stl.

As a side note my pei with high temp 3m adhesive showed up yesterday so I fitted it and started using it this morning. Adhered to my boroscilicate glass.

Ohhhh Shiny!!!

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