Saturday, 30 April 2016

Skeleton Ukulele update

Well it's not printed just yet but I've finished with the modelling for the test print. I added a cavity but not the sound hole in this video.
There is no audio.

While I'm showing it here in Blender I used it and 3ds Max to model it.
The neck will be a bolt on timber neck that I'll make when the final print is done. 

I may just drill small holes for the sound hole or use a forstner bit I have to make one large round hole. I wanted to make a set of crossed bones ala the Jolly Roger but booleaning these posed a few problems in the last iteration so I didn't even bother this time around.

This time around they are even manifold and have been sliced in Simplify 3d ready for printing tomorrow. Times look like 12 - 16 depending on the piece. They will be printed in glow in the dark pla blue and then glued together. The bridge will be a cut down Chinese one I bought long ago.

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