Sunday, 15 February 2015

Post Livingstone build

I finished up the Livingstone today. I got more strings after breaking another one!
Filed the nut a little more to allow more drop off for the strings and re adjusted the action. All I need to do now is correct the intonation a little more.

I also forgot to say how pleasantly surprised I was that the 
electronics worked first time. 
One step forward two steps back usually but this time woo hoo

Oh yeah I actually ordered some new glasses today after my eye test
they'll be about 2 weeks. 

The things I learned along the way (in no particular order)

Document things a little more thoroughly, more pictures and video.
oh and remove some stuff off my laptop so I can re load some
video editing software. There's no room!!!!! aaaarrrrrrrrr

Glue the nut down when your'e done, lol I'd forgotten to put 
a couple of dots of super glue to hold the nut in position.

When filling holes go straight to the automotive bono type 
of filler on MDF as the wood based ones turn out to be porous
and show up forever if using Automotive Acrylic Lacquer.

Take the time to set up jigs to do even the smallest of jobs 
that require accuracy and precision. Hole drilling steep
angles for example!

The Chinese nut files are at best mediocre. They seem to be 
sized at some arbitrary sizes even though they are numbered
1 to 6 for each string. I'll measure the Chinese files to see if they
will cover Ukulele string gauges and if not I'm going to get a variety of sizes 
either from one of the Luthier supply places in Au or US ie Stew Mac, LMI or or Jewelers files 

Since I'll be making uke's from here on in I'll decide on the 
file gauges at a later date but a 1.0 mm and 0.7 mm or 0.8
and 0.6 or if money suddenly falls from the sky 
I'll get all of them.

I have one solid body electric uke to build then onto acoustic
ukuleles. This will take a few more tools and money for the acoustics so it will
take some time before you see anything other than electric ukes.


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