Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The El Cheapo Livingstone re-wiring and assembly

Started to wire things up which meant fitting the bridge so the earth wire could be squashed under it. I also had a spare black pickup surround lying around so fitted it as well. It didn't have one originally. 
I'll move the pickup to be fitted to the black plate as at the moment it is screwed directly into the body. This way I'll be more easily able to adjust its height from the strings.

I had some 10 mm and 12 mm screws so I swapped the chrome ones for the black (Just because I could)

Fitted volume pot

Fitted volume knob and lead jack as well

Neck being fitted


Getting a feel for my left handed childrens guitar. The chamfer on this side didn't exist before as a right handed guitar it was only necessary on the other side. Not too shabby even if I say so myself. (just don't look tooo close)

Took a photo just because I could :-)

From the top. Grubby finger prints everywhere!!!!


Fitted the the strap buttons. Bloody screw broke in the the body aaaarrrrrrrrr but another pilot hole right next to it made sure it got covered over by the button phew.

So only the nut to go before the aggravating setting up stage. I'll finish the nut in the next couple of days as I've already cut it to rough size already.

Setting it up will have to wait until next Friday the 13th DANANAAAAAAA!!!! when I can afford to get some strings (insert "I'm so poor" joke here). I'll wait until then to test the pickup to make sure I wired it up correctly. I've left some untidy long wires in the pot cavity, so if I have to, I can re-do it and burn my new paint when I find out it doesn't work, but at least I can do it comfortably with nice long wires.

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