Saturday, 14 February 2015

Finished the Livingstone!

Sorry about the blurry pics I could have sworn that they were fine
Note to self, appointment with optometrist on Monday for new glasses

A quick demo of my Aldi Livingstone Guitar swapped over to be left handed. Broke a string setting it up. I finished up cutting the nut and setting it up, as the intonation turned out to be very close I haven't adjusted it yet. Sorry that the sound is so low I had this on a bug wireless setup feeding it to my little practice amp some distance away. If I get the time I'll make a new video as soon as I get another D String. All things considered I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

Sorry about the water mark I didn't want to install my editing 
package just to do a little trim

Broken D string

Thought I'd roll them up and wound a reasonable amount
on the post but the string still broke where it then became too short do'h

Nice nuts

Ooohh Shiny 

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