Friday, 13 February 2015

Clear coating the headstock

Here's the satin clear I got at Eckersleys in Woden. As you can see it's fine for covering both oils and acrylics. About $14.00 aud 

First coat you can see just how rough painting the stencil turned out. I was going to airbrush it (which I probably should have :-D) but it was so small, just cleaning the airbrush and not wishing to run acrylic paint through it, made me just use a little pin striping dagger liner paint brush I had laying around as I couldn't find anything else :-) (Hey its a brush with hair ok!)

2nd coat. I'm not sure how many coats I'll use, but the intention was to sand with 1200 wet and dry after about 3 coats then give it one or two more coats. Since I can't make a decision I'll surprise you later lol. 


Finishing the nut and stringing up as well as set up tomorrow, barring any excuses.

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