Thursday, 12 February 2015

Logo on the Head Stock

Ok I chose some Regular Slinky's with the 10 gauge E for the Guitar

Here' my logo in Potatoshop shrunk down to size

I bought some removable and durable self adhesive labels to print the logo onto so I could then stick it in position to then cut out the logo and then airbrush on the head stock which has been sanded of all the clear that was on it. It turned out to be pretty small and I'm going to need a steady hand and some serious magnification to be able to see properly. The labels seem to be made of either a plastic or foil sandwiched with paper on the surface and regular adhesive on the back. 

So tiny, the dithering has been exacerbated so following the lines will be a little more guesswork than I was hoping for. I found some nice satin clear at an art supply shop this afternoon meant for covering finished art and it will work nicely for this as well. I didn't buy it yet as I'm trying to save some money this week. So if the cutting out goes well and the acrylic sticks and looks good I'll get the clear coat spray. 

Cut out the logo. I'm not sure I'm happy with it's position but WTF it's cut now :-)

Painted and stencil removed. Not too bad at all. Phew!!!

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