Friday, 4 September 2015

It's wierwing season

Finally braved it and drilled the hole to take the strap jack/pickup jack. You wouldn't believe how many drill bits I used to do this. A small pilot bit, a stepped bit, a variety of other drill bits to enlarge the hole and finally a 1/2 in bit that would only fit in my brace which you can just see in the photo below. It isn't designed to go in the brace, but it did, but got stuck every time, mainly because I couldn't tighten it tight some multi grip pliers were used to remove it each time :-)

I used a long drill bit to extend the hole with a smaller bit for the pickup wire which will plug into the jack. That's the little hole to the right of the tuner peg holes.

Here's the pickup bridge and jack without all its nuts and strap button

Here's the pickup plugged into the jack.
The pickup will be resting on the bridge somehow.

I hope to show you a better photo that explains how this all fits together later, maybe even tomorrow.

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