Tuesday, 8 September 2015

It's done! .................sort of..

Well its done!..... except that I lost a screw from one of the tuners and the pickup is only working intermittently.

I'm not sure why the pickup isn't working but it could be a number of things.
1. Maybe, I just bent the pickup wire too many times, it got quite a work out.
2. It was faulty from the get go.
3. My old Gorilla practice tune up amp is crackly at the best of times and could be broken. I've had similar problems in the past which I attributed to other pickups on other instruments, and nothing else to test it on.

What I'd do differently next time hahahaha

1. I'd narrow the distance between the holes I cut for the cut out from about 200mm to 150mm

2. Based on the hole diameter I'd cut the width of the timber down to make sure the tuners didn't need to be recessed

3. To run the pickup wire through the timber I had to drill a hole in the piece of steal that holds the tattoo grip. Next time I'd avoid this with a re design. Although I have no idea ATM how to do this.

4. I'd leave more height on the bridge and lower it during setup by cutting notches so I could control the width of the strings as well as their height. The tattoo grips notches are pretty good but I'd like more control over their spacing.

5. I'd buy much better quality hardware for this once I was happy I had the build process down.

6. Win the lottery and buy somewhere to build this kind of thing, along with some quality tools hahaha. My kitchen wasn't a bad place to build this, but I have close neighbours in my building and I had to consider the amount of noise I could make along with when I could make it.

When I'm fully changed over to Linux from windows and find the appropriate software to do all the things needed and have the uke functioning like it should I'll upload something with audio, probably me playing something.

So thanks for following along and in the future I'll do some videos of me making rather than just this blog with pictures.

Thanks to Daniel Hulbert @ Circuit and Strings https://youtu.be/Aq6sbBtPSHU for the plans and inspiration for this.

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