Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Fretting done

I guess you'll have to click on the photos to embiggen them to see how the fretting turned out on the weekend. I've thrown a couple of coats of teak oil to see how things will turn out as well.

I'm cutting notches in the sides down to about 12mm for the friction tuners.
I've got another two holes to drill for where the string wraps around the tattoo
handle, I'm inserting a bolt in there (With its head and thread removed).
Drilling a hole in the end for the jack/strap button will be fun. I've got a lot of medical
appointments coming up along with a visit from the Census Aholes wanting to waste
my time with a shit load of irrelevant questions.
You'll excuse my paranoia but its probably really someone from housing or centrelink checking up
on me :-)

Going in to the Drs again for my confirmation on my SCC (Skin cancer) on Thursday. I hate
this time of year with a boat load of medical tests... Ultrasound, bone density scan, 6 monthly grease and oil change with the Transplant team at the local Hospital and a load of blood test for every visit.

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