Monday, 2 March 2015

Making a dowel gluing trench

After discovering that the paper and glue technique wasn't well known I thought I'd post this little trick for when you are making your own dowels.
After you've sized your dowel rod (they are rarely the size they claim to be) you'll need a way to let glue squeeze out without it being all squeezed out and trap enough to make your joint strong.
The 3d drawings should be self explanatory but I'll describe it anyway.
Get a block of wood and drill a hole near and edge the same size as your dowel. Hammer a small nail into to side so the tip pokes into the hole, chamfer the dowel a little to make it easy to insert into the hole and hammer the dowel through the hole allowing the nail to scratch a trench into the dowel. You can do this a few times rotating the dowel before each pass through the jig, one will work, 4 might be better. Then just trim you dowels to the desired length and use. The small trenches will allow glue squeeze out and also trap glue in the trench which should add to the overall strength of the joint.

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