Friday, 6 March 2015

Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Plate Jioner

I was working on the plate joiner this morning using 15 mm ply board. At $40.00 a sheet it pushed my finances this week and it seems you get what you pay for.

Not that there are many choices in Aust with both our major food conglomerates Coles and Woolworths buying up all our major hardware stores and running them like a food store.

The bloke cutting the sheet in half for me so I could easily transport it told me they (Woolworths) were going to take their panel saw off them, so they were now forced to charge for cutting. How the fuck do you run a hardware and timber store without a basic cutting service? The current available selection of even basic hardware is is bad enough!

The only other option would have been marine ply, a ply that uses a waterproof glue and costs more than I'm able to afford. Yet still no guarantee that it wouldn't have broken I suspect.

Here I'm cutting the halving joints three at a time so alignment won't be an issue and that the sizes of the cuts will be exactly the same.

This is the piece that broke without a sound. The joints were accurate and firm fitting and in hindsight could have been looser in order to avoid them breaking. Bloody shitty ply board!!!!

So do I just re-cut the broken piece or do I redo all of it in another solid timber? Radiata pine? Tassie Oak or some Aussie hard wood that you need diamond saws to cut through :-)

And this is my dilemma do you go for something that is easy to work with ie cut with the tools you have available or do you go for the even more expensive route and work with materials that require a lot of very hard work to work as it were.
I guess the other option is to not be so rigid in the way you want to work, there are other ways to join two pieces of 2/3mm plate of timber I guess.


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