Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bending Iron

Errr well box complete.
I must confess it started out as a well made box nice and neat, but "one sloppy cut" forced me into moving this into the "This is the prototype" until I get some more timber classification hahaha

It works well enough but I didn't run it at full power and not for very long. I'll do the full test when the digital thermometer shows up. The white tape you can see is plumbers Teflon tape used as both an insulator and wedge to take up the difference between the pipe and mdf. (It could use a little more)

I don't think it will be all that efficient on electricity as the heater slips in the aluminium quite easily and contact between all the components could be a lot better.

When the thermometer shows up I'll be testing it at the 5 settings that you can make out on the centre picture, These are just eyeballed marks I put on the face-plate and I'll put the temperatures on when I know them.

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