Sunday, 16 August 2015


I used some brass rod and an old guitar jack to make a tool to help install the jack part of a pickup install. The brass rod is about 400mm long. This gets inserted into the drilled hole the jack will be mounted to and pokes out or near the sound hole where you then put the jack onto it and slowly pull it back toward the hole to screw the little nut on.

I had an alien entity cut off the back of my hand on Friday

I had to clean up and organise my tools etc so I took my trays and tool hold and screwed them to a piece of plywood I had earmarked for my router table build

 I'm half way through tiding up my cupboard and still not sure if I have enough room, oh well

I got some magnetic tool holds a while ago and finally screwed them to the back of the cupboard doors, boy are those magnets strong.

Here's the progress on the travel uke, I managed to befriend a new neighbour and borrowed a belt sander to help me with some of the sanding but had to give it back so I'm back to hand sanding, I wont be able to do any until my hand heals a little more I'm a lefty and my stitches are on my left hand.

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